16 May 2017

Oncoinvent: A novel method for making 212Pb-labeled monoclonal antibodies using a novel 224Ra-based generator solution

Press Release 05.2017: Oncoinvent researchers collaborate to develop a system to generate alpha-particle releasing radioimmunoconjugates that may be simpler and less time-consuming compared with current established methods used in clinical trials.


Oncoinvent is pleased to announce today that the results of a collaboration between Oncoinvent and Sciencons researchers have been published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Biology.

Alpha-particles have the potential to kill tumor cells very effectively and selectively. The radioisotope 212Pb, which causes the release of alpha-particle, has a half-life of 10.6 h which imposes time constraints to its practical application as a radioimmunoconjugate for cancer therapy.  The focus of the published research was to determine whether a rapid, efficient, and reliable production and purification procedure for generating a 212Pb based radioimmunoconjugate could be developed.

Key Conclusion:
The current work demonstrates the feasibility of using a 224Ra solution as a shippable generator solution for producing 212Pb-based radioimmunoconjugates, which may be easier to execute and less time-consuming for the end user in comparison with existing ion exchange based methods.

A free access copy of the article can be obtained through the online version of the journal: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09698051

About Oncoinvent
Oncoinvent AS is a privately held Norwegian company based in Oslo, Norway. The company is committed to developing new innovative products to provide better treatment options to cancer patients.

The company’s founders started Oncoinvent in 2010 with a view to designing better cancer treatments by applying known physical and chemical principles of selected novel materials in new ways to maximize their medical benefit while minimizing potential safety concerns. This approach has allowed the company to develop a rich development pipeline and to explore multiple technological avenues before selecting a lead product candidate for preclinical testing.
The company is currently in late stage preclinical testing with its lead product candidate Radspherin®.

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Jan A. Alfheim is a business executive with over thirty years’ experience bringing product ideas and technology to the chemical and pharmaceutical markets, from product concept inception through discovery and development phases to final marketing campaign and launch.

With experience in research, project management, business development & partnering, company start-ups, and product launches, Alfheim comes from Nordic Nanovector ASA where he was Chief Executive Officer from 2011 until 2014 and Chief Operating Officer from 2014 to 2016. Prior to working at Nordic Nanovector, he has held various senior roles including Chief Business Officer at Clavis Pharma, President of StemPath Inc, Director of Business Development at Neurochem Inc and Project Director at Nycomed Imaging. Mr. Alfheim holds a MSc from Concordia University and a MBA from McGill University.