Press Release 03.2017: Financing will support development of Radspherin®, a novel radiotherapeutic treatment for peritoneal carcinomatosis

Oncoinvent announced today that will be moving operations from its current facilities at Kjelsåsveien 168B to a new location at Gullhaugveien 7 in Nydalen, Oslo in April. The move will provide the company with a larger office space as well as space for a new production and lab facililties.

Press release: Oncoinvent announced today that US Patent 9,539,346 entitled “Radiotherapeutic particles and suspensions” has issued. The patent relates to a particle or pharmaceutical composition comprising one or more particles, or a suspension of same or different particles comprising a degradable compound and an alpha emitting radionuclide and/or a radionuclide generating alpha emitting daughter. The particles are beneficial for use in the treatment of cancer.

Jan Alan Alfheim

Chief Executive Officer

+47 464 40 045

Jan A. Alfheim is a business executive with over thirty years’ experience bringing product ideas and technology to the chemical and pharmaceutical markets, from product concept inception through discovery and development phases to final marketing campaign and launch.

With experience in research, project management, business development & partnering, company start-ups, and product launches, Alfheim comes from Nordic Nanovector ASA where he was Chief Executive Officer from 2011 until 2014 and Chief Operating Officer from 2014 to 2016. Prior to working at Nordic Nanovector, he has held various senior roles including Chief Business Officer at Clavis Pharma, President of StemPath Inc, Director of Business Development at Neurochem Inc and Project Director at Nycomed Imaging. Mr. Alfheim holds a MSc from Concordia University and a MBA from McGill University.